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Rain makes Rainbows ! Surf Skills Make Happy Souls. Offering everyone Mini SUP Sesh Lessons . Includes : 1) Surfboard 2) rash guard 3) Water Safety & Ocean Surf Spot Navigation 4) Land Lesson : paddling techniques , board skills and pop-up strategies levels 1-4, individual coaching . 5) 1 hour water time ✅ this is for Everyone , Our Boards hold up to 300 pounds + who want to try SUP in Hawaii


Surf Skills Make Happy Souls. We pride ourselves in sharing water skills and board knowledge. This fun experience includes : 1) Ocean Safety, 2) Land Lesson featuring board skills, paddling techniques, pop-up strategies 1-4 & preformance enhancement coaching 3) Ocean Session with instructor assistant in the line-up to guide our pride and joy into the best waves and longest rides, surf spot navigation and coaching into catching solo waves. 4) Surfboard, Rash guard

$800+ ADULT 18+ VIP

VIP & CEO ONLY! We pride ourselves in Technique, Fun and EXOTIC Lessons that make most Champaign Rooms boring. Starting at $800 an hour our girls follow our Q.C.E.F. secret formula Quality Control of Entertainment Factor [TM] These exotic lessons aren't just about getting wet, we get Quantum AF. We Put the "A" in Aloha! A Team . A List . T&A!

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